7 Amazing Facts about Female Psychology that Men Should Know

Women are amazing creatures. Their behavior, manners, character, and way of thinking are strikingly different from those of men. Many men are sure that they know everything about women: they are always late, have no logic, suffer from mood swings, etc. In fact, this is not all the interesting facts about women because, anyway, a woman will always be a mystery to a man. Today, we are going to tell you some interesting facts that will help you understand female psychology and build healthy relationships with the opposite sex.

  1. Kisses seem much more important than sex to women

This conclusion was made on the basis of the survey results. 90% of women say that the first kiss meant to them more and was retained in their memory better than the first sexual experience. Women often could even tell about their first kiss and the events that preceded it in detail, but not always can they tell the same about the first sex. For a woman, a kiss is a way to feel and express the depth of a romantic relationship. Moreover, the longer the kisses before sexual intercourse are, the stronger the pleasure from sex and the desire of a woman.

  1. A woman needs more time to calm down after a conflict

This peculiarity occurs by a number of physiological factors: by nature, a woman is more emotional than a man because her nervous system is more sensitive and reacts to different stimuli more strongly. Consequently, when the quarrel is over, the nervous system of a woman remains in an excited state for some time and sends signals to the brain that the conflict continues. It often causes new arguments in a couple.

  1. Stress is not sexy

According to the study made by Ph.D. Fiona Moore from the University of Dundee, women consider men who do not show tension to be much more attractive than those who have a surplus of cortisone – a stress hormone. Staying outwardly calm is one of the significant evolutionary advantages of men in the eyes of women.

  1. The feeling of fear and anxiety

We live in a world that makes women fear for their safety and well-being. As a rule, men are arranged differently. Therefore, the attitude of men and women to such things as fear, safety, and danger is very different. Men should understand that severe stress reduces their sense of fear, while in women, it causes a strong feeling of fear that moves on to the future.

Women experience fear as a reaction to stressful situations more often than men. In addition, there is much more anxiety in their lives, and once they have experienced fear, they become afraid that such a situation will arise again in the future. This is the reality in which women live.

  1. Men can manipulate women with a smile

If a man smiles while trying to manipulate a woman, then the probability that she will fall for manipulation is several times higher. The truth is that women instinctively perceive a smile as a manifestation of warm feelings. When communicating, representatives of the weaker sex attach greater importance to body language, and not the spoken words. Therefore, a smile can be a cause of the misunderstanding of a statement, even if it is an offensive joke or a sexist remark. A direct look in the eyes often has the same effect on women. But do not neglect the smile. Women cannot stand dating a pathological liar and manipulator.

  1. The importance of beauty for women

Most of the representatives of the stronger sex, evaluating their own erection, believe that they do not meet the standards. Consider how most men are obsessed with the size, shape, and “conformity” of their sexual organ. Now imagine that women feel exactly the same helplessness with respect to their entire body and every part of it. Now you have some idea about what most women constantly feel about their appearance.

Beauty in the life of a woman is paramount at any age. Women tend to look after themselves and take care of their appearance more carefully than men because they instinctively feel that healthy skin and a beautiful, strong body can attract the best partner. Consequently, there will be more chances to fulfill the main life goal – motherhood.

  1. Why she gets angry

Research findings have revealed that female anger takes place by one or more of the three main causes: helplessness, injustice, and the irresponsibility of others. So, if you do not listen to your woman (or refuse to put your Xbox away), she gets angry because she feels helpless. If you do not treat her as an equal in the decision-making process or betray her confidence, she feels injustice and, accordingly, gets angry. If you do not undertake a fair share of housework or come when you have promised (the irresponsibility of others), she will be angry with you.